Site Director

Site Director

The Role

Site Directors play a critical role in ensuring that our refreshed pre-service strategy comes alive in cohesive and impactful way at their school site. They are charged with internalizing a vision for new teacher development and deeply meaningful student learning, and fostering the conditions within their building to help teacher development and student learning thrive, through clear vision, strong culture, tight operations, and robust collaboration.

The Team

More than 400 corps members, 1,600 alumni, and dozens of staff members from TFA national teams call the Bay home, making for a collaborative, supportive environment that encourages the out-of-the-box thinking and innovative spirit the Bay is known for. Our main Bay office is in downtown San Francisco, but our community teams work extensively in the four communities we partner with—San Francisco, Oakland, Richmond, and San Jose—and work out of their respective satellite offices.We cannot achieve our long-term vision of unleashing the potential of every teacher without re-examining their entry point to our movement and we can’t achieve these new heights with our students unless they have a very different start to the school year. As the Bay Area regional pre-service team, we believe that by localizing the summer training experience, we have the opportunity to create a cohesive model as part of the broader program redesign and iterate to achieve a future where every incoming corps member is having a fundamentally different start to their career in education.For more information on the summer training experience, please visit


You are able to manage many details while staying focused on the big picture

You are skilled at managing complex projects, pay close attention to details, and adjust course easily and quickly when things fall off track. You have strong Excel and data analysis skills. You prepare for the worst case scenario but anticipate the best possible outcome.

You are motivated by relationships.

You cultivate and manage strong and lasting relationships with ease and have a knack for achieving ambitious goals by working alongside others. You strike that perfect balance between being a nurturer and holding a consistently high bar for those around you.

You are oriented towards outcomes.

Your decisions are data-driven, and you stay laser focused on your goals regardless of day to day chaos. You have a demonstrated record of success in your work despite obstacles.

You are self-driven and efficient with your time.

You have superior organizational and time-management skills, integrity and great follow through on tasks. You demonstrate personal responsibility and take initiative to do what it takes to achieve success.

You are an out-of-the-box thinker.

You are able to see what currently exists and reimagine it. You deeply internalize the principles of our new model and are nimble at envisioning the many ways they can come to life.

You are okay with rolling with the punches.

Leading a school means sometimes that things change, not only do you need to manage change for yourself personally, but you are responsible for mitigating that change at a school level as well—with your staff, and with corps members.

Primary Responsibilities

Build alignment and strong partnership with our district staff at the school site in order to create a strong experience for staff, corps members and students
  • Collaborate with school site-based leadership and local staff members to develop a culture of achievement and ensure the proper running of the school site
  • Support and maintain relationships with and among Summer School Administration and summer staff
  • Collaborate with the Instructional Leader to support and manage execution of a strong student and corps member experience by reviewing data and supporting alignment of instructional program with daily student and teacher level data and trends
Actualize a vision for the site that aligns with Teach For America’s Core Values and the Bay Area’s Culture
  • Set and maintain expectations that align to our core values and culture traits, and effectively intervene when those are breached
  • Foster a sense of trust and partnership among TFA summer staff, district staff, corps members and students
  • Create a welcoming environment for corps members and staff of all backgrounds
Work with the Manager of School Operations to ensure smooth systems and culture
  • Oversee operations and communication at the summer school site



Prior Experience
  • Minimum of four years of relevant work experience
  • Current or previous experience as an instructional coach preferred
  • Goal-oriented and results-driven
  • Past record of achieving ambitious results in leadership positions
  • Experience managing a team of people towards achieving results and providing one-on-one and/or small group training, coaching, and support
  • Demonstrated ability to think critically and problem solve in high-stakes, fast-paced environments

Work Demands

  • Ability to work evenings and weekends as necessary starting in February for spring training
  • Attend ALL the following Pre-Summer Conferences: February 10, March 10, March 31, April 21, May 19, and June 9
  • Available full-time June 10–July 28 (during the application process you will be prompted to note any conflicts)


  • Bachelor’s degree required

Apply Now

To be considered for this role, you must submit an online application and complete the following steps by November 15. Please find the link to the online application at the bottom of the page.1. Submit your initial application that includes uploading your resume (maximum length one page). No cover letter or additional uploads are required.2. The initial application will require you to provide short answers (maximum length 1-2 paragraphs) to 1-4 questions depending on whether you are a new applicant or a previous summer institute staff member.
  • New Applicants: Please answer all of the questions provided. If the question addresses returning staff members, please type in “N/A” as the answer.
  • Previous Staff: If you are a previous summer institute staff member applying for the same role you held, please only answer the first question addressed to returning staff and type in “N/A” as the answer for the remaining questions. If you are applying for a different role than the one you held last year, please answer all of the questions.
3. Once you have submitted your initial application, you will receive an “Institute Application Started” email. In the “Institute Application Started” email you’ll see a “Reference Request Form” link. Follow that link to request up to three professional contacts to complete a reference survey on your behalf. The survey is intended to give hiring managers an understanding of your full trajectory as a teacher and leader. Therefore, we ideally want to see feedback from professional, managerial contacts (you should not ask friends or family members to serve as a reference) who can speak to your experience in the classroom and school/corps community over time. This is not about the number of references (although hearing from several people can sometimes help understand your full trajectory); this is about getting a full picture.Upon submitting their contact information to us, we will send your references the reference survey to complete. We encourage you to leave adequate time for your references to complete this step. The survey will take approximately 20-30 minutes for them to complete.Please note that if references are unable to complete the survey by the application deadline, this should not hold you back from applying.For more information, please contact and CC