Director of Teacher Support

Director of Teacher Support

Only 22% of students from low-income communities earn a college degree, compared to 67% of their peers from high income areas. In the Bay Area, that divide and opportunity gap is even wider. At OneGoal, we believe that all students - not just those with the best grades or the most resources - have the ability and deserve the opportunity to earn a college degree. What’s more is that we have developed a solution that works, and we believe this problem is solvable within our lifetime.We are looking for individuals who will join OneGoal during this unique window in time:In just 10 years, OneGoal has grown from 32 students in one city to some 12,000 students in six regions. OneGoal’s teacher-led,  in-school, three-year college access and success model is game-changing. While nationwide, only 22% of kids in low-income communities graduate from college, 82% of OneGoal Fellows (students) enroll in college and 78% are persisting or have graduated from college. Over the next five years we have set our sights on unprecedented goals: first to attain a 60% postsecondary graduation rate among Fellows; second, to grow to support more than 25,000 students directly; and third, to develop new delivery models to dramatically grow our reach. At OneGoal Bay Area, we are in an exciting point of launch and will kick-off programming with our inaugural school partners in the Fall of 2018.  To learn more about our work within the Bay Area region in particular, please visit the Bay Area page of our website here.

The Person

You believe - and your work has demonstrated your belief - that all students can earn a college degree and the life that comes with it. As our founding Director of Teacher Support,  your mission is to coach our Program Directors (teachers) to deliver the OneGoal program, reflect on our past experiences and data, set purposeful and measurable goals, develop key mindsets and knowledge around Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, and thoughtfully prioritize our work in a way that drives us efficiently toward our vision.

You will do this by:

  • Leveraging Program Director (PD) observation and coaching as the key driver to influence your portfolio of teachers (50%)
  • Developing and implementing data-informed short-term and long-term strategies to meet year-end goals (25%)
  • Designing and delivering professional development  that grows Program Directors’ knowledge, skills, and mindsets in culturally responsive curriculum, pedagogy, and college access & success, and helps PDs see their own development as necessary to guide Fellow success (25%)
Though the Director of Teacher Support is likely to see himself/herself/themselves in the following examples, these are not requirements.  These examples are designed to help you determine if this opportunity aligns with your own passion and purpose.

You believe deeply in our Fellows and their ability to graduate from college. 

  • You believe that our Fellows face real systemic barriers to college graduation, and that empowering their families, their teachers and them to own their unique path will help them to overcome those barriers.
  • You know what drives your PDs and Fellows and are deeply immersed in the culture of our communities.
  • You seek out and employ different frameworks for identity development, especially for youth.
  • You understand how to motivate and influence youth through the unique challenges and opportunities that first-generation college students may face.
  • You have a social justice mindset and understand the necessity of Culturally Responsive Pedagogy (CRP) and its impact on Fellows’ postsecondary success.

You believe in the power of coaching.

  • You believe that your impact can be greater when you empower others, that all teachers have the ability to be great, and that even great teachers can achieve more with additional resources and support.
  • You know every learner is different, and you know how to adjust your coaching to meet their needs.
  • You build relationships quickly, consistently, and authentically.
  • Creating incredible teacher training experiences excites you, and because you understand that adult learners are unique, you strive to create trainings that are rigorous, inspiring, and transformative experiences for Program Directors.
  • You have strong empathy for others. You leverage your understanding of the unique needs of others in order to drive progress toward Fellow goals.
  • You believe and see that your impact on Fellows is greater when you are able to effectively coach Program Directors. You give constructive and positive feedback in a supportive, consistent manner to serve Program Directors and their Fellows.

You are an agent of change.  

  • You believe that celebrating diversity  uplifts all groups. You are a fighter for equity, and are optimistic and truly believe in all students’ abilities. Your unwavering passion and excitement for the work is evident.  You approach your work with an asset-based mindset: “My Program Directors are capable and willing to support my Fellows to their utmost potential.”   You inspire stakeholders with your energy and enthusiasm!
  • You understand how race and equity play a key role in the postsecondary success of our students and are equipped to guide PDs through difficult conversations that support Fellows’ identity work in this space.  You believe in the critical nature of CRP for postsecondary success, and eagerly seek out opportunities to infuse the OneGoal curriculum with discussions about race, equity, and the unique position our Fellows hold in this society.
  • You seek to understand and celebrate the unique identities of the individuals with whom you interact; you advocate for and elevate the voices of marginalized people and communities especially those from which our Fellows come; you integrate your knowledge, skills and mindsets related to diversity and inclusion into every aspect of the work.

You value working collaboratively.

  • You are constantly learning, adapting and developing;  you constantly create and seize opportunities to refine your knowledge, skills and mindsets in both your personal and professional life.
  • When there is a setback you accept responsibility and accountability. You proactively seek feedback, practice active listening, act on feedback as necessary, all because you seek to be the best version of yourself for Fellows.
  • You understand you are responsible not just for the outcomes of your portfolio of Program Directors and Fellows, but for the success of all the Bay Area Program Directors and Fellows.
  • You constantly strive to learn from and share learnings with your teammates, no matter your current knowledge or experience.

Additional Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's Degree (Required)
  • At least two years prior teaching experience in urban education with demonstrated results (Strongly Preferred)
  • Prior adult coaching or training experience (Preferred)
  • This position requires heavy travel across the region; applicants should have access to a vehicle

Our Team

Guided by a clear set of core values and beliefs, you will join an impressive group of more than 130 OneGoal staff across the country who believe in the untapped potential within students. The OneGoal team challenges themselves and others to regularly ask, “Is there a better way?”

The Tangible Good

We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package* which includes medical, dental, vision, short-term disability, life insurance, retirement matching, paid parental leave, and more. We also offer a generous paid time off policy, including 20 paid vacation days, holidays and 6 sick days.*OneGoal reserves the right to change benefits at anytime according to business need.

You believe in people and the promise of humanity and are committed to equity and inclusion. 

You believe in an inclusive and culturally competent society and the essence of our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We believe that in order to create the change we seek, each person we hire brings a remarkable and diverse set of experiences, skills and characteristics that individually and collectively, will contribute to the radical change needed to move us towards a more equitable and just nation.

Throw Your Hat in the Ring.

Complete an application, which includes attaching an updated resume and cover letter explaining your passion and alignment to this position.OneGoal is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, disability, age, marital status, military status, pregnancy, or parenthood.