Senior Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Senior Director of Curriculum and Instruction

The Senior Director of Curriculum & Instruction will work with the CEO and school leadership to review curricular and instructional approaches for MWA schools.  This role includes the following elements 1) informal and formal reviews of core day, intervention, and other forms of curriculum, 2) MWA instruction, 3) MWA site-based leadership consultation regarding adoption, training, and support, 4) recommendations regarding curriculum tools and materials to the CEO and division directors, and 5) oversees and conducts fidelity reviews of instructional and curricular practices.   More than any one area of curriculum and instruction, the person in this role should be strong in the areas of planning, organization, formal and informal feedback, implementation, milestone and goal setting, and building systems.  The Senior Director of Curriculum and Instruction is responsible for monitoring curricular fidelity and implementation of California Common Core Standards; monitoring MWA instruction against MWA, state, and national teaching standards; and developing and implementing system-wide learning cycles aligned with the site-based cycles of learning (e.g. data analysis, training and professional development, & planning).

Primary Responsibilities

Curricular Strategy and Implementation Monitoring
·         Consult with divisional school leadership on the implementation of California Common Standards, English Language Development Standards; also consult with respect to GATE, SPED, Intervention, and Extended Day curricular approaches assessing for fidelity, effectiveness, and progress monitoring.·         Consult with divisional school leadership and CEO on the choice of curricular materials used by faculty and students.
Instructional Strategy and Implementation Monitoring
·         In consultation with division leadership and the CEO, conduct formal and informal reviews of instruction in the areas of core day classes, EL instruction, Intervention, and Extended Day.·         Consult with divisional school leadership and CEO on the professional development for faculty; assess fidelity to school-wide practices with respect to growth-mindset approaches to learning.·         Conduct informal and formal reviews with an eye towards building and maintaining data dashboards of key performance metrics for curriculum and instruction including transparent and collaborative, formative and summative internal evaluation systems for curriculum and instruction implementation.
Collaboration and Community/Stakeholder Engagement
·         Work with the division leaders, divisional DCI’s, intervention leads, coordinators, and extended day leads to understand, support, and consult on curricular and instructional approaches and data.·         Be a resource for consultation and support from divisional and site based leadership in the areas of curriculum and instruction.
·         Communicate progress and challenges effectively to a variety of internal and external stakeholders regularly, including the CEO, Division Directors, and Board of Directors.


·         Minimum 5-7 years of relevant work experience required·         Elementary school experience in the roles of curriculum development, curriculum and instruction, or school leadership in schools that serve historically underserved students·         Teaching credential highly preferred
·         Curriculum and instructional development experience and skills using the California Common Core Standards·         Experience adapting curriculum for various learning differences; modification and accommodation in unit and lesson planning·         Teacher and instructional evaluation experience – developing and implementing systematic informal and formal reviews·         Collaboration and supervisory experience to be able consult with school leadership on proven ways to support faculty development with curriculum and instruction as well as supervision.·         Ability to consistently prioritize tasks and seek feedback for support·         Ability to collaborate·         Ability to problem solve, come up with possible solutions, and effectively communicate challenges and successes
·         Minimum Master’s degree required
·         Prior experience in urban and charter public schools·         5 years or more of experience working in school leadership and/or curriculum and instruction·         Teaching credential preferred
Salary and Benefits
  • Salary for this position is competitive and commensurate with experience. In addition, a comprehensive benefits package is included.
How to Apply
  • Please send cover letter and résumé to