Director of Elementary Learning

Director of Elementary Learning

The Director of Elementary Learning will develop a plan and lead efforts to create an elementary school division (“Lower School” – Kindergarten through 4th grade) for Making Waves Academy (MWA).  The Lower School will be aligned to the overall approach of the MWA Middle and Upper Schools with respect to expectations and culture.  In the Lower School, the curricular and instructional approach, should be age and developmentally appropriate.  The Director of Elementary Learning will research and develop plans that are effective with historically underserved students while also having an eye towards 21st century classroom practices and skills, mixing core fundamental academic attainment with social-emotional and technology-assisted learning skills.  Because, historically, MWA supports a high number of English Learners and students needing to strengthen their skills in literacy and math fluency, it will be important to be able to develop elementary educational approaches that specifically address these critical need areas.  The Director of Elementary Learning will be housed in the “Learning” unit of the central office that houses curriculum and instruction, the teacher residency program, and curriculum and instruction. Core responsibilities of the role will also include recommendations for curriculum, leadership, staffing, and environment, and key revisions to the charter petition to include Kindergarten through 4th grade curriculum, goals, and milestones.  The research and development phase will culminate in a proposal for the CEO and MWA Board to review and approve before submitting for approval to the charter authorizer.

Primary Responsibilities

Instructional Strategy
·         Research, develop, and submit a plan for an effective elementary education model, aligned with MWA’s Middle and Upper School model, that embed social-emotional, culturally competent, technology-assisted, and effective best practice instructional strategies.·         Collaborate with internal stakeholders and external partners and consultants to develop a plan that includes both national best practices for historically underserved students but also includes core elements of effective MWA instructional best practices and cultural protocols and expectations.·         Research, develop, and create plans for specific strategies for early academic, social-emotional, and English Language Development intervention that may be developed and implemented in conjunction with core day instruction.
 Collaboration and Community/Stakeholder Engagement
·         Work with the team working to revise the charter to include K-4th grade approaches, goals, and descriptions required under California Charter Law.·         Spend time in MWA Middle and Upper School talking with faculty, students, staff, and parents learning about MWA culture and instructional practices.
·         Communicate progress and challenges effectively to a variety of internal and external stakeholders regularly, including the CEO, Division Directors, and Board of Directors.


·         Minimum 5-7 years of relevant work experience required·         Elementary school experience in the roles of curriculum development, curriculum and instruction, or school leadership in schools that serve historically underserved students
·         Curriculum development experience and skills using the California Common Core Standards·         Scope and sequence development for elementary school grade levels·         Experience adapting curriculum for various learning differences; modification and accommodation in unit and lesson planning·         Ability to relate and speak with genuine passion about the MWA mission, students, families, and the communities we serve·         Ability to consistently prioritize tasks and seek feedback for support·         Ability to collaborate·         Ability to problem solve, come up with possible solutions, and effectively communicate challenges and successes
·         Master’s degree required
·         Prior experience in urban and charter public schools·         7 years or more of experience working in a K-5th grade school·         3 or more years working with elementary school curriculum in California
Salary and Benefits
  • Salary for this position is competitive and commensurate with experience. In addition, a comprehensive benefits package is included.
How to Apply
  • Please send cover letter and résumé to