7th grade Math Teacher

7th grade Math Teacher

Elmhurst Community Prep (ECP) is a small middle school in the Oakland Unified School District. Serving a diverse population of students in deep east Oakland, ECP operates based on the values of high expectations, collaboration, positive school culture, family involvement, and social justice. Our mission is to ensure that students promote to high school on a positive life trajectory and prepared for rigorous A-G coursework. No Matter What.

Teachers at ECP can expect:

  • Four core classes, an acceleration class, and an advisory
  • Extensive technology integration including a wide array of blended learning platforms and 1:1 Chromebook to student ratio in every classroom
  • Regular individual meetings with an instructional coach, with an emphasis on growing teacher practice and differentiating for students
  • Support from an experienced and impactful Restorative Justice team

ECP is seeking teachers who possess:

  • Deep content knowledge and a valid California teaching credential
  • Experience fostering success in high-need, urban schools
  • The desire and ability to work in close collaboration with a team of teachers
  • A belief in the power of middle schools
  • Grit, resilience, and tenacity
The work of the urban educator is demanding and difficult, but the potential to bring about real change is well worth it. Elmhurst Community Prep offers the system, structures, and professional development that allows teachers to grow, develop, and work to dramatically improve student outcomes.