Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer


West Contra Costa Unified School District is one of the largest school districts in the Bay Area, impacting the lives of over 29,000 students across 53 schools. By 2022, we want our District to be the beacon in the Bay Area where 80 percent of our students graduate prepared for success in college and beyond; 80 percent of our employees are fulfilled and stay with us for at least five years; and where 80 percent of our families choose our schools and report high levels of satisfaction with the District. Our Roadmap to achieve this is extensive, but in its simplest form the Roadmap means that we are going to enhance our classrooms, schools, and community outreach. To ensure we have the best classrooms in the Bay Area, we are building a District and school culture that is based on a common language and vision, restorative practices, welcoming attitudes, supporting great leaders, and ensuring that our leaders at all levels have the resources and assistance to succeed. For our District and schools to thrive, we will need the support, input, and collaboration from our parent, educator, and community partners. We are looking for talented senior leaders to help bring this vision to reality. Together, we can realize our district mission of providing the highest quality education to enable all students to make positive life choices, strengthen our community, and successfully participate in a diverse and global society.


Technology is a critical component of West Contra Costa Unified District’s Roadmap 2022, and the District seeks a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to join the Superintendent’s cabinet as it embarks on this significant, multi-phase plan. The CTO will play a leadership role in developing the technological vision, infrastructure, policies, and practices required to support WCCUSD's ambitious plan. He or she will be primarily responsible to make real the Board of Education’s (BOE) and Superintendent's commitment to using IT effectively and efficiently in an integrated manner for both instructional and administrative functions. Reporting to the Superintendent, the CTO will work cross-functionally as an organizational leader in collaboration with the other members of the senior leadership team, and will own all aspects of district Information Technology (IT) systems. He or she will also oversee a current team of 30, managing these team members toward their goals, coaching and developing them as professionals, and building overall team capacity moving forward.


Strategy and Planning

● Through a collaborative process, plan, develop, direct, coordinate, and maintain a comprehensive IT short and long term plan for infrastructure, architecture, telecommunications, and instructional and administrative programming.

● Develop and present proposals for the spending of district operating, capital, and bond fund budgets for technology with a focus on cost-saving and maximizing resources.

● Convert program and IT system requirements into written plans and create visual diagrams to illustrate IT system designs and architecture.


● Compile and prepare accurate statistical reports, studies, project plans, business correspondence, procedure manuals and presentations for all IT and information systems related topics.


● Participate as a member of the Superintendent’s Cabinet providing oversight and management of all aspects of the district.

● Serve as principal advisor in developing and recommending sound IT management plans and practices to Executive Staff.

● Expand the IT capabilities of the management team to support efficient and timely access to information through a user-friendly school system data warehouse.

● Provide support for technology coaches and personalized learning initiatives throughout the district.


● Coordinate and monitor small and large scale programs throughout the district.

● Direct the daily operation of assigned teams and units to ensure efficient operations.

● Maximize financial resources when managing IT hardware and software assets, which includes cost life cycles, budget projections, short term and long term goals and asset capabilities

● Monitor operational functions including IT purchases, systems implementation, information security, technical support, hardware repair, application deployment, etc.

● Maintain adequate network security measures to secure the infrastructure while enabling greater use of the IT investments to benefit both internal and external users.

● Develop and maintain IT access and standards to ensure all users (staff, students, parents, etc.) can effectively and efficiently utilize available tools and conduct district business as needed.


● Manage outside relationships with vendors, outsourcing contractors, and community partners.

● Maintain close working relationships with IT officials from other government agencies including Contra Costa County and the California Department of Education, as well as other school districts and stakeholders to gather and propose recommendations for system improvements.

● Interact with students, parents, teachers, staff, management team, community organizations, other government agencies and internal/external stakeholders to address IT training needs, concerns, questions and matters in an efficient and professional manner.



1. Bachelor’s degree (Master’s preferred) from an accredited college or university with an emphasis on business administration, engineering, computer science, public or educational administration, or a closely related field.

2. Considerable experience in the development and administration of management analysis, budget, planning, and IT management in diverse organizations of comparable size Demonstrated contract and vendor management and entrepreneurial activities. Demonstrated experience in supervision and program oversight including developing, supporting, and evaluating staff and presenting workshops. Demonstrated high level of customer service with internal and external stakeholders.


Interested applicants must submit an application package on Applications must include: *Name, address, home phone, message or cell phone, e-mail address, current school site and assignment *Letter of interest, outlining qualifications, experience, and training which qualify you for the position *Current resume *Three (3) letters of recommendation (written within the last 2 years) *Three (3) references with phone number and e-mail addressLicenses and other requirements: Possession of a valid California driver’s license