Assistant Principal & Lower Elementary Lead (Immediate)

Assistant Principal & Lower Elementary Lead (Immediate)


The Primary School (TPS) is a new non-profit organization dedicated to dramatically improving health and educational outcomes for children. Fueled by the belief that the current model of school is too limited to close the achievement gap for our nation’s most at risk children, TPS is designing a new model of primary education and primary care which braids together education, health, and family support services starting at birth. We pair high expectations and joy, in a powerful community of supports to care for the whole child. We partner with a progressive health center that aims to redefine the boundaries of primary health care. With this innovative new model, we aim to expand the traditional definition of “school” in order to prepare all children to succeed in college, career, and life.The Primary School approach has three defining characteristics:
  • Provide integrated and comprehensive services: We partner with an existing health care organization to address the needs of the whole child.. Educators, parent coaches and healthcare professionals come together as a team to provide integrated academic and health (physical, mental, and socio-emotional) services to students and families.
  • Start early: We admit students at or before birth, and will provide parent-driven, early childhood supports alongside medical care during the critical years of child development, ensuring that students are ready for school at age 3. Our infant-toddler program consists of regular parent-child playgroups to support the goals of attachment, language development, and resilience.
  • Offer two-generation supports: We put families at the center of this work and focus on building parent capacity to support the health and education of their children. Families receive services, including primary care, parenting coaching and connection to other social services, to help them better support their children and become healthier themselves.
We opened our first site in East Palo Alto in 2016 and will serve 300 children and their families (age 0 to 5) by fall of 2017. TPS was seeded by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, a major national philanthropy.In addition to our core focus on directly serving children and families, TPS is committed to designing a model that is replicable in other communities and redefines what is possible for our highest need children and families. We are investing in design, research, evaluation, and dissemination that will allow us to replicate our model and transfer our learnings to others.


The Assistant Principal will play a major role in leading and refining our innovative model of education and support for children. In the 2018-19 school year, we will serve four grades of Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st Grade students (ages 3-6), eventually growing to Pre-K-8th grade. We are seeking an expert educator, coach, and manager to lead our community of teachers in delivering an exceptional educational experience to our children K-2. The Assistant Principal will work closely with the Principal and Early Childhood Lead to support the school vision and achieve the collective goals of the school by building a collaborative professional community, supporting individual teachers in honing their craft, developing and refining curriculum and learning experiences, and building a joyful community for our children and families. This position has strong promotion potential for a full school leadership role.Responsibilities
  • Serve as the lead educator for the lower elementary grades.
    • Oversee the refinement of curriculum, assessment, and learning experiences.
    • Provide high-quality instructional coaching with frequent and scheduled teacher observations, actionable feedback, and accountability for adjustment in practice
    • With guidance from the Principal, leads the planning, data analysis and goal setting for the grades that he/she coaches and ensures alignment with school-wide goals.
    • Build own and direct reports’ instructional knowledge of standards, content and methods
    • Develop teachers to provide rigorous and high-quality instruction
    • Develop and deliver engaging and actionable professional development; make recommendations to Principal on what school-wide professional development will be the highest leverage in improving student results.
  • Lead the lower elementary community (three grade levels) in creating a powerful and joyful school experience for all children.
    • Develop and lead community events and rituals that foster a positive school culture that embraces student curiosity and instills an authentic love of learning.
    • Build and implement consistent routines and processes across the school that create consistency for children and optimize learning time.
    • Model strong staff and student culture, and manage school-wide behavior management systems.
    • Supports teachers in student support and behavior intervention systems to ensure that limited time is spent on reactive student discipline.
  • Develop and implement a program that supports the needs of the whole child.
    • Lead coordination of regular assessment and analysis of quantitative and qualitative student data with the goal of tailoring responsive instruction and support.
    • Develop trauma-sensitive interventions and other tailored supports with a particular focus on supporting the socio-emotional needs of our children.
  • Collaborate with other adults to support the full needs of children.
    • Collaborate with our parent coaches, medical providers, and parents to identify and support the full needs of our children.
    • Devise and monitor high-impact support plans for struggling students.
    • Meet with families regularly to communicate about child success and needs and to design ways to bring learning to the home.
  • Participate in regular leadership team meetings
    • Collaborate with Principal on hiring diverse, highly-effective teachers and school staff
    • Cultivate meaningful relationships and manage a diverse group of stakeholders
  • Actively participate in the ongoing design and implementation of the TPS model through research, curriculum development, engagement with school and organizational leadership, and focused professional development


TPS values diversity; people of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Please complete the following application and submit your most recent resume. These short-answer questions are designed to replace a cover letter, so take your time with them and copy in your answers from a separate document. If you feel that the questions do not accurately capture what you have to offer The Primary School, you are also welcome to attach a cover letter. Applications are being reviewed on a rolling basis so we encourage you to submit yours soon. We look forward to reading your application!