Funding Impact

For the last 30 years, Teach For America Bay Area has been bringing diverse teachers to classrooms in underserved communities, creating a talent pipeline to education and every arena that influences it, and closing the achievement gap. The support of our generous donors makes this work possible.

Your Support

Fuels a Diverse Teacher Pipeline

TFA is California’s most diverse source of teachers: ~60% of our educators identify as a person of color, compared to ~35% in California. Research shows that teachers who match the race or ethnicity of their students drive positive outcomes for kids: better attendance, fewer suspensions, higher test scores and graduation rates.

Helps Close the Achievement Gap

TFA Bay Area corps members outperform peers at their school on SBAC standardized tests, raising the floor for students in the lowest percentiles. Across the country, gold-standard studies demonstrate that our teachers consistently outperform their peers and increase student achievement.

Drives Systemic and Enduring Change

Our force of alumni close the achievement gap from schools, systems, and critical arenas that touch education. Two-thirds of the Bay’s top schools serving low-income students are led and staffed by TFA educators.

Our Impact

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2021-2022 Annual Report