Funding Impact

With support from our generous donors, we recruit, train, and develop teachers to expand learning opportunities for kids in some of our highest poverty communities. As leaders outside the classroom, our teachers advocate for equity in school systems and every sector that shapes the broader education ecosystem.

Your Support Impacts


Access to one:one classroom coaching and tailored professional development for a teacher for an entire school year


Training and support for alumni striving to be school leaders committed to amplifying the impact of great teachers


Essential operating support for Teach For America, helping to assure system-wide change

Our TFA Bay Area Brochure

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2019 Annual Dinner

Mark your calendar for the 2019 Annual Dinner, taking place Wednesday, April 24 – featuring Netflix founder & CEO Reed Hastings! We look forward to a rich discussion focused on what it will take to double the number of high-performing Bay Area schools for low income students and students of color by 2025 – GreatSchoolsX2.

Download our brochure and learn more about our work.