Bay Area Staff

Bernard Agrest, Manager, Data & Learning
Dorian Barrero-Dominguez, Senior Managing Director, In-Service Program
Aditi Bhattacharyya, Director, Coach
Megan Bird, Managing Director, Program
Adrian Breckel, Managing Director, Program
Jenn Camus-Beebe, Managing Director, Alumni
Lorena Chavez, Sr. Managing Director, Head of School & Community Partnerships
Chelsey Christensen, Director, Coach
Justin Douglas, Director, Partnerships
Justin Eberhardt, Director, Coach
Daniela Espino, Director, Coach
Michelle Fort, Managing Director, Individual Giving
Cheria Funches, Director, Coach
Holly Glover, Managing Director, Foundations
Allison Holton, Senior Managing Director, External Affairs

Kyneshawau Hurd, Managing Director, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Stakeholder Experience
Jennifer Jordan, Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
Marissa Kanemura-Morin, Director, Partnerships
Phil Kang, DirectorAlumni Talent and Leadership
Jenny Lee, Manager, Strategy & Compliance
Elise Peck, Director, Coach
Bonnie Pham, Manager, Assistant to the ED
Vincent Rietmeijer, Manager, Individual Giving
Bree Rombi, Director, Onboarding
Emma Smith, Director, Onboarding
Melina Sutton, Director, Coach
Beatrice Viramontes, Executive Director
Ashley Walker, Managing Director, Program
Sara Wang, Managing Director, Data, Finance and Operations
Vincent Zabala, Director, Coach